Microplastics – Research and Regulations should be Tracked by Companies

According an August 5, 2020 law firm Nossaman LLP news release https://www.nossaman.com/newsroom-insights-cos-should-track-microplastic-research-and-regulations companies should be tracking microplastic research and regulations – In the article published in Law 360 at https://www.law360.com/articles/1297581/cos-should-track-microplastic-research-and-regulations the authors note that microplastics “… has become a major emerging concern for environmental regulators in the U.S. and internationally … [the article examines] California's efforts to try to understand and address the impacts of microplastics, the status of broad-based regulation of microplastics in water systems at the state and federal levels, Europe's efforts to regulate both larger plastic litter and microplastics and potential implications for the regulated community …” - #Microplastics #NossamanLLP #SingleUsePlastic #PlasticWaste