Environmental Claims

Environmental Claims for Recyclability, Biodegradability and Recycled Content

On July 7, 2020, the Commerce Commission of New Zealand issued https://comcom.govt.nz/news-and-media/media-releases/2020/commerce-commission-releases-guidelines-on-environmental-claims revised “…guidelines on environmental claims … to help traders understand their obligations when making environmental claims … The Commission recognises that consumers are increasingly considering the environment when buying goods and services. Consumers may be prepared to pay a price premium for a good or service that gives the impression that it is beneficial for the environment or has a lesser impact on the environment than an alternative good or service. Examples of environmental claims include statements made about recycling, biodegradability, and the use of recycled content or natural products … All traders, large and small, need to make sure their environmental claims are substantiated, truthful, and not misleading … The … Guidelines cover general principles and include examples of cases taken by the Commission in the past. The guidelines remind traders to: be truthful; be accurate; be specific; substantiate claims; use plain language; not exaggerate; [and] take care when relying on tests or surveys …” #EnvironmentalClaims #NewZealand #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging