Plastic Waste – Global Company Footprints Measured

On June 8, 2020, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released a report, titled “Transparent 2020” which “… examines the plastic footprints of … [several] global companies and provides a detailed look at the challenges and potential solutions for tackling the plastic pollution problem …” – The report is an “… effort to quantify corporate impact and track company actions and opportunities to reduce plastic waste … The report findings were calculated using the ReSource Footprint Tracker … designed to fill a critical measurement gap companies have needed to effectively advance plastic sustainability …the Footprint Tracker measures how much and what kind of plastic is being used, and where they are likely ending up upon disposal … WWF found four key areas for action: Eliminating unnecessary plastics … Investing in sustainable production … Doubling the global recycling rate … [and] Working to fill critical data gaps to improve the quality and precision of our understanding of the plastic waste system …” PlasticWaste #PlasticPackaging #FoodPackaging #SingleUsePlastic #WWF