Nanoplastics Accumulate in Plants

According to a report published June 22, 2020 in the journal Nature by researchers in China and the US “… the fates of microplastics (0.1–5 mm in size) and nanoplastics (<100 nm) in marine environments are being increasingly well studied … little is known about the behaviour of nanoplastics in terrestrial environments … especially agricultural soils … we show that both positively and negatively charged nanoplastics can accumulate in Arabidopsis thaliana [a small flowering weed native to Eurasia and Africa found by roadsides and in disturbed land] … Our findings provide direct evidence that nanoplastics can accumulate in plants, depending on their surface charge. Plant accumulation of nanoplastics can have both direct ecological effects and implications for agricultural sustainability and food safety …” #Microplastics #NanoPlastic