EU Recycling Targets

According to a June 23, 2020 European Environment Agency (EEA) report “... EU legislation includes recycling targets for municipal, construction and demolition, and electronic waste … there is significant potential to increase recycling from all of these streams. However, to fully exploit this potential, current barriers need to be overcome, e.g. price competition from virgin resource alternatives, infrastructure capacity and the complexity of certain waste products. This also requires strong implementation of targeted regulations to increase separate collection. Implementing new policy measures, some of which are already included in Europe’s 2020 circular economy action plan, can both directly and indirectly exploit the potential for increased recycling … The most important barrier to increasing recycling of these waste streams is the low market price of natural resources/virgin raw materials. Next is the mixed and complex composition of some waste products … Regulations requiring more frequent and higher quality separate collections … [and] extended producer responsibility schemes can effectively exploit the potential for further increasing recycling …” #Recycling #PlasticWaste