Microplastics – Atlantic Ocean Mapping Begins

According to a June 4, 2020 news release https://www.unipi.it/index.php/english-news/item/18341-un-mare-di-plastica-al-via-il-progetto-hotmic-per-mappare-la-microplastica-nell-atlantico the University of Pisa is cooperating with others in the HOTMIC https://www.oceanblogs.org/hotmic/about/ project, titled “Horizontal and vertical oceanic distribution, transport, and impact of microplastics,” a three-year project funded with 2.3 million euros under the European Program “JPI Oceans-Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans” – “… Six European countries are involved in the project, and the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of University of Pisa acts as Italian partner. The partners will develop and apply analytical procedures to investigate microplastics in environmental samples collected during scientific cruises aimed to evaluate the extent, type, and distribution of microplastics, even below 10 microns, their transport routes and fate from the estuaries to the open sea and from the surface to the seabed, the degradation mechanisms, and the interaction with biological organisms …” #Microplastics #AtalanticOcean #HOTMIC