Plastic Waste – Current Efforts are “Ineffective and Misleading”

According to a March 11, 2020 report issued by EASAC (European Academies' Science Advisory Council – formed by the national science academies of the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland) “… fundamental and systemic reforms are required along the whole value chain, in order to slow and reverse damage to the environment, biodiversity and ultimately risks to human health … European legislators should adopt rules and incentives to speed up the move towards a Circular Plastic Waste Economy …” - The report contains seven recommendations: 1. Ban exports of plastic waste; 2. Adopt a target of zero plastic waste to landfill, minimise consumption and one-way use; 3. Extend producer responsibility; 4. End misleading about bio-based alternatives; 5. Advanced recycling and reprocessing technology; 6. Limiting additives and types of resin to improve recyclability; and 7. Price regulations and quota for recycled content - #Recycling #PlasticWaste #EASAC #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging #PlasticPackaging