Georgia Pacific Seeks Alternatives to Foam Single-Use Tabletop Products

According to an undated post, Georgia-Pacific is seeking grant funding pre-proposals by May 31, 2020 for high-performance, low-cost, compostable materials for its Dixie® brand line of single-use cups and plates “... Of the materials used in disposable products, polystyrene foam (PS) foam provides the best balance of affordability and performance … However, foam receives low marks in … sustainability … There is currently no sustainable foam alternative that offers the same performance benefits … at such a low cost … We are most interested in solutions with a demonstrated proof of concept and short paths to commercialization. Possible partnerships include joint development, investment, licensing, acquisition or supply agreements … Sustainable materials is a critical area for Georgia-Pacific and we will fund each project according to its unique needs and merits …” #SingleUsePlastic #GeorgiaPacific #FoodPackaging #PlasticWaste