Plastic Waste – Conversion into High-Energy Liquids

The Department of Energy is seeking Grant Funding applications by June 1, 2020 in its project, titled "Recycle Underutilized Solids to Energy" (REUSE) (DE-FOA-0001953) and – DOE is seeking projects that are “… related to converting high-energy materials currently going into landfills into high-energy content liquid product capable of displacing energy imports used for fuel or chemical production, (2) encourage dialogue amongst those interested in this area, and (3) provide a timetable for submission of full applications …” - ​The high-­‐energy​ materials include plastics (#1-­‐7 polymers, rubber, and composites) and paper​ ... ARPA-­‐E​ anticipates deployment of multiple low-­‐cost, simple, flexible, small-­‐scale (100-­‐500 ton per day) regional​ ​facilities using modular plants ...” #WastetoEnergy #PlasticWaste #PlasticPackaging #SingleUsePlastic