Plastic Waste is the Focus of the May 2020 issue of Physics World Magazine

Physics World, the monthly magazine of the Institute of Physics has devoted its May 2020 issue to “… the challenges of plastic waste … Finding ways to reduce, track and recycle the mountains of plastic waste consumed and disposed of each year …” – One section addresses “ … The search for the missing plastic – There is a huge amount of plastic waste polluting our oceans – but we don’t know where it is …” – What are scientists are doing to find the missing plastic? Another section addresses “… Plastic that doesn’t cost the Earth – The vast increase in unwanted plastic pollution has galvanized scientists and innovators around the world to develop ingenious approaches to reuse, retrieve and recycle plastic …” – Future issues will be wrapped in paper; not plastic as explained here: #PhysicsWorld #PlasticWaste #SingleUsePlastic #Recycling #FoodPackaging