Food Packaging can be Improved through Application of the Internet of Things

An article in the February 2020 issue of Food Technology Magazine discusses application of the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and technologies to food packaging – Application of Internet of Packaging (IoP) to food packaging can improve consumer and company needs “… for more sustainable foods and packaging, less food and packaging waste, improved authentication of products, enhanced food safety, better branding, and improved tracking and tracing of products …” – Through augmented reality and voice technology, meaningful connections can be established between consumers and brands providing “… real-time consumer feedback on frequency, time of use, and personalized … [commentary] … food fraud and recalls can be guided by data that pinpoints the source of fraud or other brand-damaging issues …” - IoP packaging “… could … provide consumers with location-specific disposal information … [and allow consumers to] get rewarded for their environmental efforts …” - A pdf of the article is on the home page of the author, Claire Sand at