Volunteer Initiative Web Master and Social Media Director Sought

​​The Animal Digestible Food Packaging Initiative is seeking a volunteer web master and social media director to spend a few hours a week to make occasional changes to the Initiative home page http://www.adfpi.org and to keep interested parties informed of Initiative developments and actions through the establishment and updating of social media sites.
~   Individuals interested volunteering to assume the Initiative web master and social media roles, should contact Initiative Executive Director, Jack Cooper by email at JLC@adfpi.org

The Initiative Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives follow:

​​Vision - A public private partnership will be established that will fund research for the discovery of new food and beverage packaging materials that would be digestible by animals.​​

​​Mission - The Initiative will take advantage of opportunities to convince, inspire, encourage and persuade food and beverage industry trade associations, nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and state, Federal and international governments to establish the PPP through:
~   the Initiative homepage and social media
~   attendance and presentation of posters and oral sessions at meetings and
~   comments submitted
     ~   on mainstream media and social media
     ~   research reports and
     ~   on draft state, US and International legislation and regulations

~   Keep the Initiative home page and social media sites updated on regulatory, policy and technical developments related to:
     ~   the environmental effects of plastic food and beverage packaging; and
     ~   the benefits of animal digestible food and beverage packaging
~   Attend meetings and offer to make presentations and present posters in the Washington, DC area where there is an opportunity to promote and explain the Initiative vision;
    ~   if funding becomes available, attend meetings outside of the Washington, DC area to promote and explain the Initiative vision.

~   Prepare draft Initiative public statements for Advisor review, comment and approval that are:
     ~   To be summitted to US and International government agencies and legislative units on proposed regulations and legislation
     ~   To be submitted to other public entities, including social media, on the environmental role of plastic food packaging
~   Prepare for Advisor review, comment and approval draft poster and oral presentations that promote and explain the Initiative mission.
~   Represent the Initiative during meetings of the
     ~   Washington DC Agriculture Roundtable
     ~   Agribusiness Club of Washington, DC
     ~   Plastic Pollution Coalition
     ~   National Academy of Sciences
     ~   Society of Environmental Journalists
     ~   Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research
     ~   Others to be added
~   Other objectives to be added