Consumers Prioritize Sustainability in their Food Choices

According to a January 22, 2020 ​Food Industry Executive​ summary of the ​Tastewise "Food and Beverages Sustainability Trends 2020 Report" "... 23% more consumers prioritize sustainability in their food choices now compared to a year ago​ ... ​The top reason consumers are interested in sustainability is for their health, followed by environmental considerations. However, there is some evidence that this pattern might be shifting. While 39% of sustainability conversations are related to health, this number is down 16% from last year. Over the same time, conversations about local sourcing, recycling, and waste, have increased​ ..​.​ ​'on the go​'​ food and beverage items grew by 31% in the sustainability category.​ Overall, the latest Tastewise analysis reaffirms that sustainability is one of today’s hottest consumer trends​ ..." - #FoodPackaging #PlasticPackaging #SingleUsePlastics