Coca-Cola to Continue Using Plastic Bottles

According to a January 21, 2020 Plastics in Packaging story, “… The head of sustainability at Coca-Cola, Bea Perez, has told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that her company will not stop using ‘single-use’ plastics bottles, because consumers still want them … The beverage giant, which uses about three million tonnes of plastics packaging a year, has pledged to recycle as many bottles as it uses by 2030. The company also intends to use at least 50 per recycled material by the same year … Perez said that eliminating plastics would impact sales and alienate customers, while using only aluminum and glass would likely push up the company’s carbon footprint …” - #FoodPackaging #FoodWaste #SingleUsePackaging #PlasticPackaging #Recycling