Microplastics – WHO to assess Human Health Risks

The World Health Organization (WHO) December 12, 2019 issued a "Call for experts on human health risks from exposure to microplastic" which are due by January 19, 2020 - Invited experts will participate in a consultation to be held March 2 and 3, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland - WHO notes "... Microplastic in the environment is an emerging contaminant that has generated intense public concern ... Questions have been asked about the human health impacts of the exposure to microplastic particles, from the polymers themselves, to the monomers as well as additives used to make the plastic material, adsorbed chemical contaminants and associated biofilms ... this project ... [will focus on] exposure via food, water and air ... [and] identify research needs and define the scope of the future work of WHO on microplastic particles ..." - #SingleUsePlastic #FoodPackaging #PlasticWaste #PlasticPackaging #MicroPlastic #NanoPlastic