Plastic Bottle Recycling in 2018

What is the recycling rate for plastic bottles in the US? According to a December 18, 2019 American Chemical Council (ACC) news release which summarized the "29th annual National Postconsumer Plastic Bottle Recycling Report" “... the overall US recycling rate for plastic bottles in 2018 was 28.9 percent, falling just 0.4 percent”. The per capita consumption of plastic bottles has been steady for the past six years. The report shows that the overwhelming majority of plastic bottles collected for recycling are processed domestically. Brand owners have made public commitments to use significantly more recycled content in their products and packages in the months ahead. Together, PET and HDPE bottles make up 97.1 percent of the U.S. market for plastic bottles with PP comprising 1.8 percent, LDPE 0.7 percent and PVC 0.3 percent. -  #SingleUsePlastics#FoodPackaging#PlasticWaste#PlasticPackaging #Recycling #PlasticRecycling