Microplastics in Oysters and Clams on the Oregon coast

A Portland State University November 12, 2019 news release advises that microplastics are showing up in oysters and razor clams, nature's filters, along the Oregon coast. Scientist found 11 pieces of microplastics per oyster and 9 per clam according to the news release. All were primarily microfibers from synthetic clothing or fishing gear. While fisheries are often to blame the author notes that plastic use in our daily lives are more likely the culprit. Engineering solutions such as filters for washing machines may be able to prevent microfibers from entering our waterways. While the presence of microfibers in shellfish is shown to have negative impacts on reproduction and growth in shellfish the authors note that “ more research still needs to be done to determine what effect the microplastics have on the organisms themselves and the humans who consume them..." – Summarized by Jack Cooper - JLC@adfpi.org - Text to 301 384 8287 - #SingleUsePlastics #FoodPackaging #PlasticWaste #PlasticPackaging #MicroPlastic #NanoPlastic