Discussion Draft of Legislation to Address the Plastic Waste Crisis Released

On October 31, 2019, U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and U.S. Representative Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif) announced https://www.tomudall.senate.gov/news/press-releases/udall-lowenthal-seek-input-on-landmark-legislation-to-address-the-global-plastic-waste-crisis that they are seeking by Thursday, November 21 public comments on an outline of legislation that would require plastic producers “… to design, manage, and finance programs to process any waste that would normally land in the natural environment … Producers will cover the costs of waste management and clean-up …” – The legislation would “… institute a 10-cent national deposit requirement for all beverage containers … Beginning in January 2022, the most common single-use plastic products that pollute our environment will be banned from sale and distribution … impose a fee on the distribution of non-reusable carryout bags … Containers will be required to include an increasing percentage of recycled content … give environmental agencies the valuable time needed to investigate the cumulative impacts of new plastic-producing facilities on the air, water, and climate …” – The legislative outline is here: https://www.tomudall.senate.gov/download/plastics-leg - – Summarized by Jack Cooper of the Animal Digestible Food Packaging Initiative www.adfpi.orgJLC@adfpi.org – Text to 301 384 8287 #SingleUsePlastics #FoodPackaging #PlasticWaste #PlasticPackaging