Recyclable Packaging Ending Up as Pollution Instead

It is not right for food and other packaging that is designed to be recycled to end its lifecycle as pollution, according to a September 24, 2019 blog by Meghan Stasz, vice president of packaging and sustainability at the Grocery Manufacturers Association. She writes that “The CPG industry has meaningfully stepped up with unprecedented commitments to recyclable, compostable packaging and using recycled content … But … local systems are quietly reducing the items they will accept and eliminating curbside collection ... What if, rather than unique rules for thousands of systems that invite confusion and result in contamination, we had uniform standards? … If not now, when? We cannot stand idly by. We also cannot stand alone. Our industry owns packaging design. We can make it lighter and more efficient. We can use more recycled material. We can label it with clear instructions of how to recycle it if we get uniform standards …”