WRI Sets a Global Action Agenda to Reduce Food Loss and Waste

The “Reducing Food Loss and Waste: Setting a Global Action Agenda” report was released August 29, 2019 during the World Food Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. The report and a related press release were produced by World Resources Institute, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, and in partnership with United Nations Environment and many other organizations.

Thw World Resources Institute proposes a three-pronged action agenda that includes:

  • Governments and companies should follow an approach of ‘Target-Measure-Act’: Adopt a target to halve food loss and waste by 2030
  • Measure how much and where food is being lost and wasted
  • Take action on the hotspots

WRI states that "Governments and business leaders should pursue 10 ‘scaling interventions’ … [which] tackle food loss and waste across the entire supply chain, target a handful of food loss and waste hotspots, and help set the enabling policy and financial conditions that are necessary for success."