Legislation to Address the “Plastic Waste Crisis”

On September 10, 2019, the Animal Digestible Food Packaging Initiative adfpi.org submitted email comments to Senator Udall and Representative Lowenthal. The correspondence was in response to their July 18, 2019 Call for Comments on Legislation to Address the Plastic Waste Crisis.

The comments advised that the Initiative is an effort to encourage/convince/inspire representatives of grocery stores, quick service restaurants, food manufacturers and food packaging manufacturers, through their individual trade associations, to come together to establish a public-private partnership (PPP) with the objective of funding research necessary to identify new food packaging materials that not only meet food safety, integrity and quality requirements but that are also digestible by animals so that food waste that is accompanied by food packaging may be kept out of landfills by being manufactured into animal feed.

A copy of the comments is available from Initiative Executive Director Jack Cooper by email JLC@adfpi.org or text to 301 384 8287.