India Stories Warn against Microplastics and Harm to Human Health

Microplastics - An Invisible Danger to Human Health” is a July 4, 2019 story from The Weather Channel India. This story notes that the “... pervasive nature of plastic in environment has led to its entry in the human body … it is important to determine the interactions between the micro-plastics and biological macromolecules in order to understand their effects on human health … depending on their size, these plastics are either excreted, get entrapped in stomach and intestinal lining or move freely in body fluids such as blood, thereby reaching various organs and tissues … scientists are now trying to understand how the basic machinery of body interacts with plastic particles …”

According to a study published in journal Scientific Reports (India Science Wire), “... nano-plastics aggregate in blood, obstructing its flow in body and render blood proteins non-functional …”