Who Can Help Most with Reducing Plastic Waste?

" … When asked which parties can do the most to reduce plastic waste related to food packaging, the vast majority of respondents felt that the food brands have the main responsibility …” according to a June 12, 2019 news release issued by Kemira, a diversified Finland chemical company. It reports on a consumer survey about food packaging conducted in April 2019 in Germany, the United States, China and Finland. “… Food packaging plays an often overlooked role in the total environmental footprint of food items …over half of the respondents said they would be willing to pay more for food packaging if it was made from renewable materials … When it comes to the features of food packaging, the key consumer priorities across all markets relate to the hygiene and leak-proof properties of the container, but packaging material itself is also considered important … the majority of respondents indicated they were trying to reduce the amount of plastics in their lives …”