Microplastics throughout Monterey Bay

New study finds microplastic throughout Monterey Bay” California is a June 6, 2019 news release issued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). It reports that a study published June 6, 2019 in Scientific Reports “... shows that plastic debris … known as microplastic, is common from the surface to the seafloor … the study suggests that most of this microplastic is coming from consumer products … The study … also found that small ocean animals are consuming microplastic, which introduces the particles into food webs from near-surface waters down to the deep seafloor … Our study demonstrates a link between microplastics distributed across the water column and entry of this foreign material into marine food webs by important marine animals, such as pelagic crabs and giant larvaceans … More microplastic in samples originated from consumer products than fishing gear …”.