Recycling of Plastic Food Packaging

Reduce. Reuse. Confuse. How Best Intentions Have Led to Confusion, Contamination and a Broken Recycling System in America” is the title of a report released April 11, 2019 by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. This report notes that “… Although Americans are more environmentally concerned than ever, a patchwork system of local polices has confounded consumers and damaged recycling efforts …”.

“Confusion is not a sustainable system,” said GMA President and CEO Geoff Freeman. “America’s recycling future cannot depend on a patchwork system that undermines good intentions with bad policy.”

GMA notes that the “… industry is working to meet the needs of consumers and the environment, with 100% of the 25-largest CPG companies committing to increasing recyclable content, minimizing packaging or reusing material. Further, 80% of those companies have committed to producing fully recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2030 …”