Greenpeace calls for Nestle to act over single-use plastics

"Greenpeace calls for Nestle to act over single-use plastics” is the title of an April 11, 2019 Reuters story.

Greenpeace called for the company to “… set a target for reducing single-use packaging and invest in alternatives focusing on refill and reuse". "...Duncan Pollard, Nestle head of sustainability, said the company agreed about the need to reduce plastic use. ‘But we need to make sure the new packaging solutions are safe and that consumers accept them’.

Nestle has vowed to make 100 percent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 [Nestle has a web page, titled “Working towards a waste-free future”]. Greenpeace criticized Nestle’s promises as lacking transparency, clear targets and significant investment …”