Microplastics form Bioparticles that may affect Marine Animals

Micro Plastics are glued together by ocean bacteria, forming bioparticles that may appear to be food to small marine animals, according to researchers at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland who reported on February 4, 2019 that “... The biopolymers are common across all freshwater and marine environments, but until now scientists did not know what effects these sticky, glue-like materials had on the nano and microplastics that are now ubiquitous in all our waters … The fact that these agglomerates become large enough to see raises concern, as they are likely to be seen as a food source by small marine animals … The scientists have raised concern about the potential impacts of this agglomeration on the deep sea and geochemical cycles, like the flow of food from surface to seafloor …”

Additional information is on the Linkedin home page of the Animal Digestible Food Packaging Initiative at https://www.linkedin.com/company/adfpinitiative/