Disposable Cup Fee in Berkeley

Many jurisdictions have implemented disposable bag fees, but Berkeley, California has a new plan to curb food-related waste. Restaurant customers must now pay 25 cents per disposable cup, with the restaurant keeping the fees. The goal is to encourage customers to bring their own cup.

plastic cups trash recycling

"Among the other measures included in the ordinance: disposable items like utensils, straws and napkins will be available only upon request or at self-serve stations, takeout food be served only using compostable dishes and utensils by January 2020, and dine-in food will be served only using reusable dishes and utensils by July 2020."

"Recycling is no longer a solution – if we want to save the planet, it’s time to reduce, reuse and compost," said Councilwoman Sophie Hahn.

Source: California city approves 'landmark' plan to curb food-related waste that includes 25-cent fee on disposable cups, Jan 23, 2019