Falling Prices for Recyclables

China is rejecting shipments of most recyclable waste that it previously accepted, citing contamination. This has reduced the value of recyclables.

empty glass wine bottles recycling

"Amherst has become the first town in Western New York to change its recycling regulations due to a worldwide glut of reusable and recyclable materials." View video: Certain glass and plastic containers now unacceptable.

Amherst would like to spend taxpayer dollars wisely on segregating recycling into what can actually be recycled and what will end up in the landfill. For Amherst, that means only clear glass and #1 or #2 plastic containers should go into recycling bins. They are looking into a means to collect the colored glass separately, but until then "Highway Superintendent Patrick Lucey is asking residents to put them in their garbage totes, instead."

Source: Amherst limits recycling due to falling prices, Jan 09, 2019