Global Efforts to Curb Single Use Plastics

plastic bottles crushed recycling

A new report by the United Nations Environment Programme and World Resources Institute has been released. Legal Limits on Single-Use Plastics and Microplastics: A Global Review of National Laws and Regulations provides much needed information on global efforts to curb single use plastics.

The report “provides an overview of policy instruments and progress from countries regulating the manufacture, sale, use and disposal of single-use plastics … The analysis details a wide range of methods to regulate single-use plastic bags, plastic single-use items and microplastics containing products at the national level. However, these approaches vary by region, countries and type of plastic product, and include bans, market and trade-based mechanisms and voluntary measures. This presents an important role for governments, the private sector and civil society to identify and promote effective solutions to regulation and limiting plastic pollution.”

Source: Regulatory landscape for single-use plastics shows widespread momentum with mixed results, Dec 6, 2018